Wednesday, January 9, 2013


This version has no much changes in terms of functionality. Followings are important changes in this version:
  • Change compiler from Borland BCC 5.5.1 to Ms Visual Studio Express 2010. This change was made because BCC 5.5.1 is quite old and in many cases can no longer support modern languages. We actually can follow the updates in Windows API, but I found it to be too trivial because I have to replace many of BCC 5.5.1 header files.
  • Integrate hbisadmin.dll and ppmessagebox.dll into sMake.exe, leaving now only 3 dlls which accompany sMake, namely qhtml.dll, xhbCompiler.dll and hrbCompiler.dll. This integration is in my opinion makes sMake distribution mode compact and simple.
Download sMake here

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