Sunday, September 22, 2013

Revitalisasi Komputer Jadul (1)

Daripada CPU jadul jadi sarang debu, iseng2 dibersihkan dan direvitalisasi. Spek-nya hebat (pada masanya):

Ternyata masih berjalan dengan sangat baik dan stabil. Sekarang dipergunakan sebagai file server untuk website pribadi.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

OCCT Benchmark Results of My Vintage Computer

Then followings are screenshots of a one-hour stress test using OCCT 4.4.0 on my vintage CPU:

OCCT is free for personal use and can be downloaded here

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I am upgrading :-)

After so many years working with Gigabyte mobo now I am upgrading my desktop with another set of a vintage mobo. It is an Asus P5P800-VM with Pentium 4 511 running barefoot (no OC). It has been more than 2 month I've been using it. It looks like this old machine is still doing good jobs. I cannot plug my Pentium D 925 into this mobo because this D serie generate quite a heat while I am using a stock HSF. Here is a look:

Meanwhile the Gigabyte now serves as a file server.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


sMake failed compiling xHarbour source codes. GPF :-(
Program has been recompiled using xHarbour Runtime Library.
Download sMake from Mediafire

Sunday, January 13, 2013

CW Drill

CW Drill is a program for CW Trainings. CW is an abbreviation from Continuous Wave or more popularly, the Radio Amateur call it Morse Code. CW Drill can export drill programs into WAVE or MP3 format. A contest simulation is also built in. I created this program long ago, in about mid of 2006 to train one of my colleague Radio Amateur. The trainings went via Youtube / Facebook and/or directly on air. Here is a screenshot:

You can download CW Drill from 4Shared


No much addition. This version uses the most recent updated xHarbour Compiler Rev. 9908. Many memory leaks on the compiler have been resolved. In this version, the default Harbour warning flags is set to the highest level, -w3. Just to gain a warranty that our PRG codes are solid. sMake is downloadable at:

Thursday, January 10, 2013


There are reports that sMake cannot run on WinSeven. Right, the problem is that WinSeven does not like compression. Starting version, I will distribute sMake without compression. Many thanks for Claudio who reported this problem. I think I have to switch my development machine to WinSeven.

Here is the about box of sMake running on WinSeven.

As usual, I uploaded sMake to Mediafire or sMake at 4Shared

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


This version has no much changes in terms of functionality. Followings are important changes in this version:
  • Change compiler from Borland BCC 5.5.1 to Ms Visual Studio Express 2010. This change was made because BCC 5.5.1 is quite old and in many cases can no longer support modern languages. We actually can follow the updates in Windows API, but I found it to be too trivial because I have to replace many of BCC 5.5.1 header files.
  • Integrate hbisadmin.dll and ppmessagebox.dll into sMake.exe, leaving now only 3 dlls which accompany sMake, namely qhtml.dll, xhbCompiler.dll and hrbCompiler.dll. This integration is in my opinion makes sMake distribution mode compact and simple.
Download sMake here

Monday, January 7, 2013


In this version,  sMake allows to force Harbour or xHarbour regardless if Harbour or xHarbour is detected. This feature is here because sometimes, sMake cannot automatically detect xHarbour. This is due to an outdated version of xHarbour being used whereby define constant of __XHARBOUR__ does not exist in file include\hbver.h. To use the force mode we have to set up some variables as presented in the following screen:

Click to download sMake

I am now working to enable users to override sMake's internal flags eventhough this should not be needed in most cases because by default, sMake uses flags which are optimized to the maximum possible.

sMake - fix for Windows 7

Arrrgggh.. I missed to update bug when sMake runs on Win7 as reported by Claudio.
Sorry for that, and I just now uploaded sMake Win7 users must use this version.


Yet, another update which covers:
  • Prevent sMake to register *.sMake file type when administrator priviledge is not granted
  • Allow to dump output to user defined folder
  • Allow to use Text Editor at user's demand
Here is sMake

sMake Update

Some bugs were fixed based on my friends' reports in comp.lang.xharbour. Please download current version of sMake

Sunday, January 6, 2013

sMake Initial Release

Hello All,

As promised, I have today finished the important parts of sMake. A compressed file has been uploaded for testing. This is an Initial Release. Bugs may be found here and there. But, without having inputs from users, it will be difficult to make sMake a useful utility. Please feel free to test it and report bugs. You may comment to this post or post it to xHarbour Discussion Group. Here is the link to download sMake sMake Initial Release